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We are West Auckland Gas Fitting Specialists

If you are looking for a local gas fitter that specializes in simple to complex gas works, hire our team. If you are using gas for your heater system, it is important that it continues to function well. We use hot water from time to time, including heating or cooking.

Our certified gas fitters will install, maintain, and repair gas appliances so they function at their best when you use them. We are available 24/7. Call us and we will be there for you. 

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Be Safe With the Best Gas Servicing in the City

We recommend that all your gas appliances are serviced regularly, especially when they are in high-use situations. Business establishments like restaurants, cafes, and bistros always need to have their gas appliances checked and services. 

Appliances that are left unchecked could leave you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. We offer a flexible servicing plan for businesses and homes that need our services. Our gas fitting services in West Auckland includes the checking of all safety devices, ignition system, gas pressures, thermostats, and flues. We will assess whether or not your appliances are running safely and well. At the same time, we will ensure it is cleaned and functioning at its best to remove any dust, dirt, and soot. 

checking gas system in west auckland

Signs that You Need to Have Your Appliances Checked

  • Your appliance is not working properly 
  • Your stove is burning with a lazy yellow flame
  • Black marks and stains are everywhere in your appliance
  • The pilot keeps going out no matter how you DIY the fixtures
  • The condensation in the room is increasing

What to expect in our gas services?

​Our gas fitting services include all of the checks and tests to ensure your appliances are safe to operate. Minimize the risks in your workplace or in the home by having your appliances checked with professional gas fitters in West Auckland. 

  • Set and adjust your gas to ensure it is burning correctly
  • Make it suitable for the room where you are going to place it
  • Make it physically stable, securely fitted, and properly connected to the gas pipework
  • Check your flues or chimneys to make sure they are operating correctly
  • Check the condition of the appliance including seals, gaskets, and cleanliness of heat exchangers
  • Pressure-check any gas pipework associated with your appliance

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